About Gong Yang

Gong Yang is one of the first dedicated boring and milling head manufacturers in Taiwan. We specialize in manufacturing CNC boring and milling heads, universal milling heads, extension heads, right-angle milling heads, angle heads, take-overs, twin-spindle milling heads and customized items.

High Quality Milling and Boring Head

Gong Yang specializes in manufacturing CNC boring heads, CNC milling heads, right-angle milling heads, twin-spindle milling heads, etc.
Our products are small, convenient to operate, suitable to make complex of machine tools. They could change machine to make vertical milling. You can also install a Graduated Ring which can be regulated 360° to choose the direction of the milling cutter.
The advantages of our products include high speed heavy duty cutting, high precision and maximum efficiency, reduced production cost, etc.

Main Products
Combined with the spindles of various gantry milling machine tool machines, it can perform multi-axial milling, drilling, boring and other operations on workpieces. Our products are widely used in aerospace industry, automobile industry, mold industry, tool machinery industry, 3C industry, cutting processing of traditional industries, etc.
Double Column Milling Machine
Vertical Lathe
Horizontal Boring Machine
Special Purpose Machine
Floor Boring and Milling Machine
Universal Milling Machine