The features of F85/F86 five-face machining milling head :

  1. The five-face milling head can be used for vertical milling and horizontal milling.  While horizontal milling, the spindle can rotate 360 degree.  It can help one machine multi purpose.
  2. The five-face milling head is positioning of hydraulic curved teeth. While horizontal milling, the spindle can rotate 360 degree and adjust the angle to select the milling direction of the milling cutter. And can automatically adjust the angle without manual adjustment. (Need to match the function of the fourth axis of the spindle motor.)
  3. The main shaft and gears are made of chromium-molybdenum alloy steel and subjected to special carburizing treatment to ensure durability.
  4. The reduction ratio of the five-face milling head is 1:1.
  5. This milling head is only suitable for tapping and column pit processing operations during reverse processing, and cannot be used for cutting and drilling operations to avoid mechanical damage.
  6. The lock and retract tool of the vertical and horizontal axis of the milling head adopts hydraulic pressure control, and the tool holder adopts BT specification which is quickly positioned.
  7. It can be used with the spindle electric control encoder, please purchase when ordering the milling head.
TYPE Max Tool Dia. Reduction Ratio Max Torque Max Horsepower Max Use Speed Spindle Steering Accessory
F85 ψ200 1:1 38KW 1200N.m 2000rpm #50/Forward